Not so shocking.


We got a puppy in June.  She’s become an essential part of the family, and my kids tell me all the time that we need an electric fence. They’re very responsible with her, especially Little.  He gets nervous at night when she’s outside because of the coyotes.

So I bought the Cabela’s portable electric collar and boundary for her, and Big took it upon himself to set up the flags and start to train her.

She will start off with the “beep” mode as he walks her around the yard near the flags and not experience the “shock” setting until later.

But in the meantime, he has tested the setting for shock.  On himself (his leg, not his neck).  And tried to convince his brother to do it.  Who has (smartly) refused.  Little videotaped Big running to the outer reaches of the boundary and hopping around yelling when he hit it.

But I can tell Little is curious.  He might just cave and try it.  Big is planning on getting another collar and turning it into a race to the shed.

And while I’d love to think all this is borne of empathy for another living creature (the dog), this isn’t my first rodeo.



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